Swift Anim - Unity Plugin Test


Thank you for helping me test my Unity plugin! You will need the latest version of Unity installed to participate. Please follow these steps and fill out the form below.
This should take 5-10 minutes.

  1. Download SwiftAnim.unitypackage
  2. Start a new Unity 2D project.
  3. Go to “Assets > Import package > Custom Package” Select “SwiftAnim.unitypackage” and click “Import
  4. In your Project (Assets) tab, find “SwiftAnim/Examples/SwfFiles/Mercy_noImport” and rename it to “Mercy” (remove the “_noImport”)
  5. Wait for pop-up windows and progress bars to complete. 
  6. Find the new Unity prefab “SwiftAnim/Examples/SwfFiles/Mercy/Mercy_swf” and drag it onto the stage.
  7. Hit the play button, and the character will animate.
Please fill out this form when you are finished